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Features Of Suction(Vacuum) And Pressure Pneumatic Conveying Methods!

Pneumatic conveying system for powder materials can be divided into three types: suction type, pressure type or a combination of two methods. Today we come to have a look the characteristics of the suction type and pressure type conveying methods. [...]

Blower Development Trend In The Sewage Treatment Industry

At present, wastewater treatment technology mainly use the activated sludge method. Because It has the advantages of Mature technology and low operating cost. However, what is one of the most critical core equipment in the activated sludge treatment process? [...]

How to choose the rotary speed of the Roots blower? High speed or low speed?

How To Choose The Rotary Speed Of The Roots Blower? High Speed Or Low Speed? Many customers always ask me why the speed of your Roots blower is under 1700 rpm instead of using high speed. This is because that as the speed increases, there [...]

Why we use 2205 instead of 304/316 stainless steel for our Steam Compressor?

Steam Compressor-Why We Use Stainless steel 2205 Instead Of 304/316 Stainless Steel For Our Steam Compressor?We are one of the earliest manufacturers of Roots steam compressors in China. Many customers often ask me a question. [...]

Roots Blower for Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S) Transport

I get an inquiry from the Philippines last week. The customer requires a roots blower to deliver Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S). The following are the requirements. Technical Requirements: Medium is Noncondensable gases (NCG). And the composition [...]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic conveying system with Roots blower?

The pneumatic conveying system uses the Roots blower as a gas source. It can transport powdery, granular and fibrous materials. They include phosphate rock, coal powder, cement, carbon black, polyethylene, polypropylene, cotton, etc. [...]

20 industries can use Roots blowers for gas delivery

We know that Roots blowers are a kind of pneumatic transport equipment, so which industries will use Roots blowers? 1. Electroplating industry The electroplating industry uses a Roots blower to optimize the quality of the plating layer, and the gas enters the [...]

The Roots blower can only deliver air? What kind of gases can roots blower deliver?

The Roots Blower Can Only Deliver Air? What Kind Of Gases Can Roots Blower Deliver? Roots blowers are generally used to deliver clean air. It is the most common to transport clean air. If there is a large amount of dust in the air, it will have a [...]

What is pneumatic conveying? Why does the pneumatic conveying choose the Roots blower?

Pneumatic conveying with roots blower is a method of conveying materials through pipelines with a certain velocity of airflow. The use of pneumatic conveying has a long history. We use it to transport mail and bulk materials such as cotton and sand. [...]

Roots Blower For Coal Fly Ash Pneumatic Conveying In Thermal Power Plants

With the rapid development of China’s power industry, large-scale thermal power plants have been built in various places. The problem of power plant waste discharge has become increasingly fierce. For example, the problem of fly ash emissions. [...]

Roots Type MVR Steam Compressor

MVR is the abbreviation of mechanical vapor recompression technology. MVR is an energy-saving technology that reuses the energy of the secondary steam generated by itself. This can reduce the demand for external energy. The principle is that the compressor compress the secondary steam generated by the evaporator. [...]

Five Factors To Consider When Choosing A Roots Blower

Five Factors To Consider When Choosing A Roots Blower. The selection of Roots blower is the same as that of other fans. It is necessary to know certain parameters to determine the blower type. As a pneumatic conveying device, it is widely used i [...]

Classification of Roots Blowers

Classification Of Roots Blowers. Due to different working methods, Roots blowers (vacuum pumps) has the following kinds. Single and double blowers, dry and wet blowers. [...]

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