How to select Steam Compressor for MVR Evaporator?

How To Select Steam Compressor For MVR Evaporator? With the improvement of environmental protection and energy-saving requirements, the MVR evaporator, with its relatively lower operating cost than multi-effect evaporator, accounts for an increasing proportion in the selection of evaporator, especially in the selection of wastewater treatment industry. In recent years, with the vigorous development of the domestic mechanical steam compressor industry, the market price of steam compressors has decreased significantly.

Classifications of Steam Compressor

Mechanical steam compressors are divided into roots steam compressors and centrifugal steam compressors. The centrifugal steam compressors include ordinary centrifugal compressors and single-stage high-speed centrifugal steam compressors. Different types have different characteristics. They also have their own advantages under different application conditions. How To Select Steam Compressor For MVR Evaporator?

Steam Compressor Application in MVR System

Roots Steam Compressor

Roots steam compressor is a positive displacement type blower. Compared with an ordinary centrifugal compressor, its compression ratio is high, and the temperature rise of single-stage compression can reach 25 C degrees. The roots-type steam compressor has better stability due to its low speed. Generally speaking, the speed of the roots steam compressor is 980 ~ 1450r/min. The speed of an ordinary centrifugal steam compressor is 6000-9000r/min. The maximum speed of a single-stage high-pressure centrifugal compressor can reach 30000r/min. Of course, for Roots blower, its disadvantages are also obvious, such as small volume flow, low efficiency, short maintenance cycle, and high noise.

Roots Steam Compressor

Ordinary centrifugal steam compressor

Ordinary centrifugal steam compression blower generally has a compression temperature rise of 8-10 C degrees. Its advantages are high efficiency and stable performance. For the working condition requiring a higher compression ratio, two centrifugal compressors are connected in series to obtain a higher compression temperature rise. Of course, this also reduces the efficiency of the compressor. For the evaporation of wastewater or inorganic salt solution, the application of a two-stage or even three-stage compression blower in series is also very common because it requires a relatively high boiling point rise.

centrifugal Steam compressor
Ordinary Centrifugal Steam compressor

single-stage high-speed centrifugal compression blower

The remarkable features of a single-stage high-speed centrifugal compression blower are high speed and high compression ratio. In this case, it can obtain a high compression temperature rise, up to 25-30 C degrees. Higher speed also determines its higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, larger steam capacity, and wider application range. At present, the single-stage high-speed centrifugal compression blowers are mainly made in China. With the continuous development in recent years, the technology has become more and more mature, and the equipment maintenance cycle is more than 18 months. Of course, the single-stage high-speed centrifugal compressor will generate noise during operation. However, the noise frequency is 8000-12000hz, which is high-frequency infrasonic noise and has exceeded the sensitive area of human ears. In this case, it does much less harm to human health.

Single-stage High-speed Centrifugal Steam Compressor

To sum up, in the selection of mechanical steam compressor for MVR evaporator, we can use roots mechanical steam compressor under the environment of small evaporation (evaporation less than 5t/h). In an environment with a large evaporation capacity and small boiling point rise (boiling point rise is less than 10 ℃), we can select the ordinary centrifugal steam compressor; Single stage high-speed centrifugal compressor is recommended for working conditions with large evaporation quantity and high boiling point rise. Above is How To Select a Steam Compressor For MVR Evaporator. If you have any questions, contact us freely. We are ready to help you.

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