Classification of Roots Blowers

Classification Of Roots Blowers. Due to different working methods, Roots blowers (vacuum pumps) has the following kinds. Single and double blowers, dry and wet blowers.

Classification Of Roots Blowers

Basic Classifications

(1) Single and double. It means that there is only one compression stage blower or vacuum pump. Two single-stage blowers or vacuum pumps are connected in series, and the gas is continuously compressed twice, which is a two-stage roots blower or vacuum pump.

(2) Dry and wet. The roots blower is generally dry-type, and the vacuum pump has both dry and wet types. The so-called wet vacuum pump is to inject a small amount of water into the casing from the air inlet of the pump, mix it with water and gas, and absorb heat generated during gas compression process. At the same time, the inner gap of the casing is sealed by water to reduce the leakage of gas through the gap. Therefore, the injected water is cooling water or sealing water.

In addition, there are several other classification methods:

Other Classifications

1、According to the number of the lobes, there are two-lobes roots blowers and three-lobes roots blowers.

2、According to the seal type, there are various types of roots blowers such as labyrinth seal, piston ring seal, packing seal, and mechanical seal.

3、According to the cooling method, there are air-cooled blowers, water-cooled blowers, and counter-current cooling blowers.

4、According to the structure type, there are vertical blowers, horizontal blowers, vertical shaft blowers, and dense integrated group blowers.

5、According to the transmission method, there are direct drive blower and belt drive blower.

6、According to the type of media, there are air blowers, gas blowers, hydrogen blowers, sulfur dioxide blowers, etc.

7、Based on the purpose, there are vertical kiln blower, gasification blower, aeration blower, etc.

Above is the Classification Of Roots Blowers. If you encounter any technical problems during the use and maintenance of the Roots blower, please contact us. We will provide you with professional services.

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