20 Industries Can Use Roots Blowers for Gas Delivery

We know that Roots blowers are a kind of pneumatic transport equipment. However, do you know Which industries will use Roots blowers? Based on our experience, we have found that 20 Industries Can Use Roots Blowers For Gas Delivery.

 Firstly. Electroplating industry

The electroplating industry uses a Roots blower to optimize the quality of the plating layer. The gas enters the electrolyte layer to make full use of the electrolyte cycle.

Secondly. Gas industry

The gas industry uses Roots blowers to convert gas into tiny molecules.

3. Sandblasting industry

It uses the Roots blower the blast source for the sandblaster.

4. Livestock manure fermentation industry

The Roots blowers can speed up fermenting compost.

5. Ozone generator industry

It uses Roots blowers as a source of gas for generator equipment.

6. Water treatment industry

It is very common for the water treatment industry to use Roots blowers. Because it can help with sewage purification and sediment agitation.

7. Grain transportation industry

The grain conveying industry uses the Roots blower. However, The grain particles do not pass through the Roots blower, and the high-pressure gas blown by the Roots blower transports the grain particles.

8. Incineration industry

The use of Roots blowers in this industry primarily serves as a combustion aid.

9. Production line drying

The Roots blower transports gas to the conveyor belt of the production line and acts as an air convection drying. In fact, It is only suitable for small-scale production lines.

10. Airlift pump

The Roots blower is mainly used to reduce the specific gravity of the sewage as a result of achieving water pumping.

11. Pipe cleaning

The Roots blower transmits a certain pressure of gas to remove dust from the pipeline.

12. Humidification industry

20 Industries Can Use Roots Blowers For Gas Delivery

The Roots blower transmits a gas with a high humidity to increase the humidity of the air. However, It is mainly used in flammable industries indeed, such as cotton spinning, cigarettes, and printing.

13. Backwash

The backwashing effect of the Roots blower on the filter material and filtration.

14. Printing industry

The printing industry uses a Roots blower to separate and transport the paper.

15. Pressure machinery industry

The Roots blower can be used to demould the workpiece.

16. Spray industry

It uses a roots blower to supply a humidifying device so as to stabilizes the indoor temperature to prevent the generation of static electricity.

17. Powder particle transport

It can use roots blower to transport particulate raw materials, such as chlorinated olefins.

18. Special gas delivery

It can transport flammable gases such as natural gas and gas. However it requires the Roots blower to have good sealing performance. Furthermore, it also needs to use explosion-proof motors at the same time.

19. Aquaculture industry

The aquaculture industry uses the Roots blower to provide oxygen to the pond thus make the fish survive.

20. Bath industry

It uses a roots blower in saunas to provide aeration.

Generally speaking, Above are the 20 Industries that Use Roots Blowers For Gas Delivery. If you encounter any technical problems during the use and maintenance of the Roots blower, please contact us. We will provide you with professional services.

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