Roots Type MVR Steam Compressor

MVR is the abbreviation of mechanical vapor recompression technology. MVR is an energy-saving technology that reuses the energy of the secondary steam generated by itself. This can reduce the demand for external energy. The principle is that the compressor compress the secondary steam generated by the evaporator. Consequently the pressure and temperature thereof will increase, as well as the enthalpy. Then the compressor sends the steam to the heating chamber of the evaporator as the heating steam. The feed liquid is maintained in a boiling state, and the heated steam itself is condensed into water. In this case, we can fully utilize the latent heat in the secondary steam and achieve the purpose of energy-saving. (MVR Steam Compressor-Roots Type )

The compressor in the MVR system is the Roots steam compressor. It is different from ordinary Roots blowers. Because it is made of stainless steel and mechanically sealed.

Roots Type MVR Steam Compressor

1.Product Application:

Fructose concentration.

Refinement of Chinese Traditional Medicines.

Desalination of Industrial sewage.

Seawater desalination.

Disposal of rubbish solution.

Disposal of chipping emulsified liquid, etc

2.Product Performance:

1)Differential pressure scope:9.8—98kPa

2)Air capacity scope:0.61—452.4m3/min

3)Power of the motor:0.75—560KW

4) Evaporation capacity:200kg-12000kg/hour

4.Product Characteristics:

1)Shangu brand Roots Steam Compressor adopts the assembled double-end professional mechanical seal. It can avoid leakage of steam. We usually use the following material for the steam compressor. Such as duplex stainless steel (2205), super duplex stainless steel (2507), Hastelloy and austenitic stainless steel 316/304. These materials can effectively prevent internal corrosion of steam compressors.

2)Large air volume and high boost pressure coverage to make sure a wide range of applications. We can select the model for the end customers according to their project technical parameters. The evaporation capacity is 200-12000OKG, and the boost temperature of the steam is 10-25 ℃.

3)The compressors are simple in structure, reliable in operation and easy for maintenance. There is no need lubrication oil for the rotors so as to make sure the steam is oil-free.

4)The impeller adopts a new profile. It has good sealing performance, smaller internal leakage, and higher energy saving. Independent cooling system can protect the components when the shutdown occurs.

5)There is a specific internal clearance between the rotors. This will prevent internal friction.

6)We use famous brand bearing to ensure a long service life, such as  NSK and SKF.

7)The pulley is an expansion sleeve type with European standard. The coupling (direct transmission) adopts a standard high-strength elastic type. It is made of rubber material with high quality.

8. 5-100HZ variable frequency motor to make sure a wide adjustment range. This will make the steam compressor be more suitable for different working conditions.

We are manufacture MVR steam compressor since 2007. We have get more than 20 patents. If you encounter any technical problems during the use and maintenance of the steam compressor, please contact us. We will provide you with professional services.

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  2. Hrishikesh V Mhaiskar

    We need a roots type steam compressor for evaporation of effluents.500 kgs per hour.

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