Roots Blower and Vacuum Pump for VPSA System

What is VPSA?

VPSA(Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption)is a non-cryogenic gas separation technology which uses special solids (adsorbents) as molecular sieves to segregate the Nitrogen and Oxygen from the mixture of air.

The VPSA-O2 after desorption is blown by a Roots blower and enters the adsorption vessel of the VPSA-O2 system after being filtered and removed mechanical impurities. The adsorber is a double-vessel system, and its product is oxygen. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor in the air are adsorbed, and a Roots Type vacuum pump will be applied after saturated adsorption to ensure the adsorbents in the adsorption vessel are completely desorbed for regeneration. The double-vessel VPSA-O2 system ensures continuous oxygen generation through cyclic switch of the program control valve under the control of PLC (data control system).

Process characteristics

Roots Blower for VPSA1. The energy consumption is relatively low. The greater the oxygen production, the lower the energy consumption.

2. The maintenance cost is low. The moving equipment is Roots blower and Roots vacuum pump. Because their working principles are both positive displacement, oil-free and easy to maintain.

3. The whole set of equipment has a high degree of automation. The moving equipment and the oxygen generator are controlled synchronously. Just press the start button and the whole set of equipment can operate normally.

4. Suitable for medium and large output.

Shandong Mingtian Machinery Group is specilized in manufacturing roots blowers and roots vacuum pumps since 2007.We have provided Roots blowers and Roots vacuum pumps for well-known domestic VPSA companies and having accumulated lots of experience. If you encounter any problems about roots blower or roots vacuum pump for your VPSA system, we are glad to be able to help you.

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