Features of suction(Vacuum) and pressure pneumatic conveying methods!

Pneumatic conveying system for powder materials can be divided into three types: suction type, pressure type or a combination of two methods. Today we come to have a look the characteristics of the suction type and pressure type conveying methods.

The suction pneumatic conveying system has simple structure. There will be no dust flying. It can take materials at multiple points at the same time. The working pressure is low (less than 0.1MPa).However, the conveying distance is short, and the sealing requirements of the gas-solid separator are strict.

Pressure Pneumatic Conveying

The characteristics of the pressure pneumatic conveying system are high working pressure (0.1~0.7MPa), long conveying distance. The requirements for the dense filling of the separator is lower. But it is easy to mix with debris such as oil and water, and the system is more complicated.

The pressure type is divided into two types: low-pressure conveying and high-pressure conveying. The working pressure of the former is generally less than 0.1Mpa. The feeding equipment has an air transmission chute, pneumatic lift pump and low-pressure jet pump. The latter type has a working pressure of 0.1~0.7Mpa. The material equipment includes warehouse pump, screw pump and jet pump.

Suction Vacuum Pneumatic Conveying

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