Roots Blower, Magnetic Turbo Blower&Vacuum Pump Applications

Wastewater Treatment​

Roots Blower for Wastewater Treatment

It is used for aeration and the stir in the water treatment plant.​


Roots Blower for Incinerators

Blower enhances the combustion efficiency, and promotes the exhaust gas removal.

Pipe Clearing

Roots Blower for Pipe Clearing

Blower is used to clean of pipe and to supply the coating to piping.

Ozone Implement

Roots Blower for Ozone Implement

Blower is used as an air supply of the high concentration ozonizer.

Compost Ferment

Roots Blower for Compost Ferment

The air of blower promotes the fermentation of domestic animal’s excreta etc.

Press Machine

Roots Blower for Press Machine

Blower is used for lift when removing molded products from the press.

Frozen Food

Roots Blower for Frozen Food

Blowers are useful in the sir-freezing of frozen foods in water.


Roots Blower for Sandblast

Provides a concentrated blast of air for use in sandblasting.

Produce Line Drying

Roots Blower Produce Line Drying

Our blowers are used to good effect in small scale drying lines.

Back Washing

Roots Blwoer for Back Washing

Blower is used to wash the filter etc by reversal flow.

Atomization of Detergent

Roots Blower for Atomization of Detergent

Blowers converve energy at car washes by atomizing water and detergent.

Imprinter Paper Feeding

Roots Blower for Imprinter Paper Feeding

The exhalation air of blower helps the separation and distribution of paper.

Airlift Pump

Roots Blower for Airlift Pump

Bubbles formed by air jet lift water through the pipe by reducing the specific gravity of sewage.

Pound Oxygen Providing

Roots Blower for Pound Oxygen Providing

Blower is used for the Oxygen supply of aquafarm, for the stir.Blower is used also in the aquarium etc.

Special Gas

Roots Blower for Special Gas

Blower is used for the supply of the city gas and other special gas.

Snow Machine

Roots Blower for Snow Machine

Blower is used for pneumatic transportation in the snow machine.

Grain Transportation

Roots Blower for Grain Transportation

Blower is used for the pneumatic transportation of the pellet of vinyl chloride and polyethylene etc. It is possible to use it by the vacuum method.

Plating Bath

Roots Blower for Plating Bath

Plating quality can be enhanced by using a blower to circulate electrolytes in the plating bath to give the plating a more uniform thickness. Here blowers serve as the source of air supply.

Air Blower

Blowers are used to blow off drops of water clinging

Blowers are used to blow off drops of water clinging to surfaces of cans, bottle, machine part. Air blowers can also be used as sources of cooling or drying air.

Cement Kiln Air Supply

Roots Blower for Cement Kiln Air Supply

Blowers are used to supply air to the cement kiln or quicklime kiln from the bottom for air consumption.

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