Quality Management

China Roots Blower,Roots Vacuum Pump,MVR Steam Compressor Supplier and Manufacturer Since 2007

Advanced Equipment

The core components of our roots blowers are processed by CNC Equipments(Computerised Numerical Control Machine) which are from Korea and Taiwan.The equipments include two sets Agma VMC-168 Vertical Machining Center from Taiwan,two Hyundai WIA KH 63G Horizontal Machining Center from Korea. Other equipments such as heavy-duty boring machine,planner,lathe and balance machine are domestic well-known brand.Advanced equipments ensure the accuracy of production and the stability of the Roots blower.

Management System

We have passed the CE and ISO:9001Quality Management System Certificate.Each production procedure is in strict compliance with the CE and ISO:9001 system.

Quality Management Team

There are special quality inspectors responsible for the inspection at different stages.These include the inspection of components size and quality,monitor of assembly process,test after assembly and check before delivery.Qualified process to ensure that the products produced are qualified.

Roots Blower Quality Management

Products Quality Tracking System

 We have established a comprehensive quality tracking
system.In this system,for each Roots Blower,we can
know where its raw material is from,which equipment
process its components,which worker assembly it and
so on.When there is problems about the blowers,we
can find out its source and analyze the reason.

High Quality Component

For the casing,impeller and shaft,we use high quality Gray Cast iron or stainless steel.Bearings are Japan brand.The gears are 20CrMnTi Carburizing Steel with 5 grade accuracy.High quality components ensure the long life service of our Root Blower.

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