Why We Use SS 2205 Instead Of 304/316 Stainless Steel For Our Steam Compressor?

Steam Compressor-Why We Use Stainless steel 2205 Instead Of 304/316 Stainless Steel For Our Steam Compressor? We are one of the earliest manufacturers of Roots steam compressors in China. Many customers often ask me a question. Why do your steam compressors use Stainless Steel 2205 stainless steel instead of conventional 304 or 316?

MVR Steam Compressor

2205 is duplex stainless steel, while 304 or 316 is austenitic stainless steel. We chose 2205 stainless steel mainly because its chemical and physical properties are better than austenitic stainless steel.
The following are the differences between the properties of duplex stainless steel 2205 and austenitic stainless steel 304/316.

1.Mechanical properties:

The yield strength, impact toughness, and fatigue strength of Duplex stainless steel are almost twice that of austenitic stainless steel. Duplex stainless steel has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than austenitic stainless steel. It also has better thermal conductivity.

2.Chemical properties:

Duplex stainless steel is superior to austenitic stainless steel in resisting chemical pitting, local and overall stress corrosion.

Steam compressors typically operate at higher temperatures, so the thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity of the material are critical. If the coefficient of thermal expansion of the material is large and the thermal conductivity is poor, the thermal expansion will reduce the gap between the impellers. This will cause wear and tear on the contact of the components,  and severe locking may occur. After long-term working under saturated steam conditions,  the corrosion situation often occurs in austenitic stainless steel is chemical pitting. It will greatly affect the service life of the compressor.

We start to manufacture Steam Compressor with stainless steel 2205 in 2007. Our annual production reaches 300 units., thus Accumulated a lot of experience. If you are searching for a reliable supplier of roots steam compressors, or you are doing an MVR system, welcome to contact me. We can supply a complete solution for you.

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