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MVR Steam Compressor

MVR-Steam Compressor

Bore size:50-300mm

Pressure Rise:9.8-98Kpa

Air Capacity:0.6-184m³/min

Motor Power:0.75-280kw

Evaporation Capacity:200-12000kg/hour

Drive model:Belt or Coupling


MVR is the abbreviation of mechanical vapor recompression technology. MVR is an energy-saving technology that reuses the energy of the secondary steam generated by itself to reduce the demand for external energy. The principle is that the secondary steam generated by the evaporator is compressed by the compressor, the pressure and temperature thereof are increased, the enthalpy of the steam is also increased, and the steam with increased heat is sent to the heating chamber of the evaporator as the heating steam. The feed liquid is maintained in a boiling state, and the heated steam itself is condensed into water, so that the latent heat in the secondary steam is fully utilized, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving.

The compressor used in the MVR system is the Roots steam compressor. Compared with ordinary Roots blowers, the Roots compressors must be made of stainless steel and mechanically sealed.

Bore(mm)AirCapacity (m/min)Evaporation Capacity(kg/h)Scope of Boost Pressure(kPa)Rotation Speed(r/min)
20015-55300- 12009.8-98750-1600
250(1)22-95500 20009.8-58.8750-1900
400(2)55-2501200 53009.8-88.2300-730
600 (1)120-4502600-100009.8-58.8300-730
600 (2)200-5604500-120009.8-98250-590
Operating Principle​
Roots Blower Operating Principle

The Roots-type steam compressor is a double-rotor compression machine. The axes of the two rotors are parallel to each other, and the rotor is composed of an impeller and a shaft. Between the impellers, there is a small gap between the impeller and the casing and the wallboard to avoid mutual contact. The two rotors are constantly rotated by the prime mover by the opposite direction of the gear drive and the two impellers are engaged by each other(assuming the inlet spraying water fills the gap fully). The inlet and exhaust of the compressor are not connected to each other, and the volume of the element enclosed by the impeller, the casing and the wall panel is not changed during the rotation process. The compression of the steam is realized by high pressure steam backflow to the elementary volume when an instant connection between the element volume and the Outlet. So the Roots type steam compressor requires an environmental condition of a given pressure difference of the compressor from the MVR system Once the environmental conditions are met, the operation of Roots type steam compressor is very stable.


1)Shangu brand Roots MVR Steam Compressor adopts the assembled double-end professional mechanical seal to avoid seal failure and leakage of steam.Various materials such as the duplex stainless steel (2205),super duplex stainless steel (2507), Hastelloy and austenitic stainless steel(316,316L only for shell-wall plating and cast iron plating) can be designed according to the user’s choice which can effectively prevent internal corrosion of steam compressors.

2)Shangu series Roots steam compressor have have large air volume and large boost pressure coverage,and the product has a wide range of applications.The user can choose the applicable compressor.The processed capacity of the steam is 30-1500OKG, and boost temperature of the steam is 10-25 ℃.

3)The compressors are simple in structure, stable and reliable in operation, high in mechanical efficiency, easy to maintain.It is insensitive to dust, droplets and fibers contained in the steam to be transported: There is no lubrication on the rotor surface and the steam can not be polluted by the oil.

4)The impeller adopts a new profile, which has good sealing performance, smaller intenal leakage, and high efficiency and energy saving.The product has high processing precision, reliable operation and long service life.Independent cooling system protects high temperature components during shutdown.

5)The specific internal clearance of the rotor prevents the thermal expansion of the rotor caused by different materials from exceeding the residual gap value and internal friction occurrence.

6)The bearing adopts imported brand bearings,such as  NSK or SKF, to ensure the precise positioning of the impeller and high stability during operation

7)The pulley adopts the expansion sleeve type with European standard, with long service life.The coupling (direct transmission) adopts standard high-strength elastic coupling,and the elastic component is made of rubber material with high quality.

8.With 5-100HZ variable frequency motor, the adjustment range of speed is wider, and it is more suitable for working condition.

1.Fructose Concentration7.Mine Water Treatment
2.Refinement of Chinese Traditional Medicines8.Power Plant Wastewater Treatment
3.Desalination of Industrial Sewage9.Papermaking Wastewater Treatment
4.Sea Water Desalination10.Inorganic Chemical Wastewater
5.Disposal of Rubbish Solution11.RO Concentrated Water Treatment
6.Disposal of Chipping Emulsified Liquid12.Reclaimed Water Recycling Utilization
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