Vacuum Excavator Pump

Vacuum Excavator Pump



Suction and pressure tank truck integrates the principles of negative pressure and positive pressure pneumatic conveying of materials. It is a special production equipment that takes air as the conveying carrier of materials and transport power material in a closed space.

Application scope: the suction and pressure tank truck is used to transport dust materials such as ironmaking, steelmaking, sintering, coking, smelting desilication, desulfurization, dephosphorization agent, blast furnace and converter dust. When the vehicle arrives at the feeding bin, start the vehicle vacuum suction system to suck the materials into the vehicle loaded bearing tank through the feeding system of ground facilities; When the vehicle reaches the receiving bin, start the vehicle pressure discharge system to discharge the materials in the on-board bearing tank into the receiving bin through the receiving system of the ground fabric bin. The whole process of material suction, transportation and discharge is carried out under closed conditions, and the dust does not leak and fly, which meets the national environmental protection standards.

SHANGU RSR Series Vacuum Pump is specially designed for Vacuum Excavators. Its Max vacuum degree can reach -78.4kpa.

Main Advantages of Vacuum Excavator Pump

The overall concept of the unit arrangement is designed with emphasis on maximum reliability and functionality, easy inspection, and maintenance.

  • Low operating costs
  • Easy operation
  • Convenient Maintenance
  • Oil Free Air
  • Low Noise thanks to Special Casing Design and Combined Silencer
  • All parts are Machined by CNC Center to ensure accuracy
  • All blowers undergo two hours of testing to ensure that only qualified products can leave the factory
  • All impellers have undergone dynamic balance testing

Supply Scope

Optional Equipment


Technical Parameters of Vacuum Excavator Pump

ModelDiameter/mmPressure/kPaAir volume m3 /minMotor Power/kw
Vacuum Excavator Pump
Vacuum Excavator Pump
Vacuum Excavator Pump
Vacuum Excavator Pump

Frequently asked questions

For all sizes of unts, we produce our own acoustic covers, adapted to the location and customer requirements. These in conjunction with our silencers show a high noise attenuation efficiency.
At the same time, we design the set in the middle band of the speed spectrum so that the resulting sound pressure level is as low as possible.

If we know all the parameters, then processing and sending the offer is a matter of a few hours.

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