Roots Blower for Pneumatic Conveying

The Roots Blower, also known as a positive displacement blower, is a type of machine widely used in pneumatic conveying systems. Pneumatic conveying is a method of transporting bulk materials, such as granules, powders, and particles, through a pipeline using air or gas flow. The Roots Blower plays a vital role in this process by generating the necessary air or gas pressure to transport the materials efficiently and reliably. In this article, we will explore the working principle, applications, advantages, and limitations of the Roots Blower in pneumatic conveying systems.

Working Principle

The Roots Blower operates based on the principle of positive displacement. It consists of two rotors, known as lobes or impellers, which rotate in opposite directions within a casing. As these rotors rotate, they trap and compress the air or gas between the lobes and the casing. This compression pushes the medium through the blower, creating a continuous flow of air or gas with high pressure. The velocity of the airflow depends on the speed of the rotating lobes and the design of the blower.

Pneumatic Conveying Roots Blower
Pneumatic Conveying Roots Blower


The Roots Blower finds extensive applications in various industries that require pneumatic conveying systems. One primary application is in the handling of bulk materials in the cement industry. The blower efficiently transports cement, limestone, and other raw materials from one process to another, such as from the quarry to the storage silos. Furthermore, the Roots Blower is employed in wastewater treatment plants to aerate and mix sewage sludge during the treatment process. It is also utilized in the food processing industry for conveying flour, sugar, grains, and other powdered or granulated ingredients.

Pneumatic Conveying Roots Blower
Pneumatic Conveying Roots Blower

Advantages of Roots Blower for Pneumatic Conveying

The use of Roots Blowers in pneumatic conveying systems offers several advantages. Firstly, its positive displacement principle ensures a constant and continuous flow of material, making it suitable for conveying delicate and fragile materials without causing damage. Secondly, the blower generates a high pressure that enables long-distance conveying, even in complex pipeline layouts. Thirdly, the Roots Blower is relatively simple in design and requires minimal maintenance. Additionally, it operates with low noise and vibration levels, contributing to a comfortable working environment.


Although the Roots Blower has numerous advantages, it also has some limitations. One limitation is its lower efficiency compared to centrifugal blowers. The Roots Blower requires more power to achieve the same level of pressure as a centrifugal blower. Consequently, it may lead to higher energy consumption. Another limitation is that the Roots Blower is not suitable for conveying materials with high moisture content. The presence of moisture can cause damage to the blower and decrease its performance. Therefore, proper material selection is crucial when using a Roots Blower in pneumatic conveying systems.


The Roots Blower plays an essential role in pneumatic conveying systems by providing the necessary air or gas pressure to transport bulk materials efficiently. With its positive displacement principle, the blower ensures a constant and continuous flow without causing damage to delicate materials. It finds applications in industries such as cement, wastewater treatment, and food processing. Although the Roots Blower has limitations in terms of efficiency and moisture content, its advantages of high pressure, simplicity, and low noise make it a suitable choice for many pneumatic conveying applications. Proper selection, operation, and maintenance are crucial to maximize the blower’s performance and lifespan.

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