Biogas Roots Blower

Biogas Roots Blower

Bore size:50-300mm(2-12″)

Pressure Rise:9.8-98Kpa

Air Capacity:0.6-184m³/min

Motor Power:0.75-280kw


Drive model:Belt or Coupling

Introduction-Biogas Roots Blower

RSR-B series Roots blower is a booster roots blower specially designed forbiogas, natural gas,  coal gas, alcohol mixture, straw gas, and other combustion gases, harmful and toxic gases. It can improve the phenomenon of insufficient gas pressure, make the gas burn more fully and have more firepower.

The biogas roots blower is widely used in various biogas and natural gas pipeline transportation. It can be used in places where the combustion pressure of biogas and natural gas is low and the pressure of the transmission pipeline is low. When the gas source is insufficient, the pressurization function of the negative pressure pump can be used to achieve the gas supply standard and make the pressure normal. The gas booster pump has reliable sealing and no leakage. It is safe and reliable. After the automatic control system is configured, it can achieve the switching automation within the set pressure range.

Biogas Roots Blower Drawing

1. Explosion Proof Motor

5. Biogas Roots Blower

9. Common Base 

2. Coupling Cover

6. Safety Valve with Return Pipe

10. Foundatin Bolt

3. Metal Bellows

7 Pressure Gauge

4. Pipe Connector

8. Metal Bellows

Operating Principle

Roots Blower Operating Principle

The blower is of positive displacement type roots blower, and sends a fixed amount of air in proportion to its rotation speed.With the three-lobed rotors, the two rotors make three intake and exhaust cycles per revolution. Because the air has less pulse compared with the two-lobed type, fluctuations in load, noise and vibration are small. While the two three-lobed rotors mounted on two parallel shafts maintain only a very small clearance between themselves and the inner surfaces of the oval casing operation chamber and between each other, they are driven by timing gears, moving a fixed volume of the air enclosed by the casing and rotors from the intake side to the output side. The roots blower is free of Internal lubrication. And its simple design, easy handling, and stable performance make a wide range of applications possible.

Specifications-Biogas Roots Blower

ModelDiameter/mmPressure/kPaAir volume m3 /minHorse Power/kw

Biogas Roots Blower Material & Sealing Type


Cast iIron、Cast Iron with Nickel Coating or Stainless Steel 2205

Sealing Type

According to the required pressure rise and gas composition, we can provide different sealing methods such as packing seal, piston ring seal and mechanical seal to meet the requirements for gas leakage.


Advantages of SHANGU Biogas Roots Blower

1.Explosion Proof Motor

2.Tri-lobe design, Low vibration and noise

3.There is a small gap between the impellers, without wear, and it can operate continuously for a long time.

4.Reliable sealing without oil leakage.

5.High volumetric efficiency, compact structure and flexible installation mode.

6.Simple operation and convenient maintenance


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