How To Choose The Rotary Speed Of The Roots Blower? High Speed Or Low Speed? Many customers always ask me why the speed of your Roots blower is under 1700 rpm instead of using high speed. This is because that as the speed increases, there will be many problems:

Roots Blower

1.High speed and high wear

When the impeller rotates rapidly, it will produce a lot of wear. The higher the speed, the higher the wear of the impeller which will influence the service life of the roots blower.

2.The effect of speed on the seal

High speed also has an effect on the seal. Damage to the seal can have an effect on the normal use of the roots blower. If a special gas is delivered, the damage of the seal will cause a gas leak, which will cause an accident.

3.Risk of damage

High speed will face more risks for Roots blowers. For example, some small particles are stuck in the middle of the impeller. Because of the high speed, the momentum is large. Once the impellers are stuck, the impeller will be broken and the motor of the blower will burn out.

In terms of speed and model size, we generally recommend a slightly larger model to avoid the use of high-speed Roots blowers. The high-speed Roots blower will face a high risk of failure after a long time using.

Above are some suggestions about How To Choose The Rotary Speed Of The Roots Blower. We are manufacturing roots blowers and roots type vacuum pumps since 2007 with a lot of experience. Our roots blowers are supplies to China-well know power plants, cement plants, and wastewater treatment plants. If you need to use a high-speed roots blower in your project, you can contact us to customize it according to your technical parameters. We will propose our own solution to the problem of such a high speed.

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