Wastewater Treatment Roots Blower

Roots blower is the most commonly used aeration equipment in wastewater treatment system. Through aeration, water can fully contact with air to remove volatile substances in water and make gas escape from the water. At the same time, aeration can also make oxygen dissolve into water, so as to improve the concentration of dissolved oxygen and achieve the purpose of degrading organic matters.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Among all the equipment in the wastewater treatment plant, Roots blower is the equipment that consumes the most energy. It generally accounts for about 40% of the total energy consumption of the whole sewage plant. However, in recent years, with the rising of electricity price, the operating cost of sewage treatment plants is also rising. Therefore, saving energy and reducing treatment costs are important means to ensure the normal operation of the wastewater treatment plant.

Roots Blower Aeration

Introduction of Roots Blower

Roots blower is a positive displacement blower, and the air volume conveyed is proportional to the speed. Two impellers suck and exhaust three times every time the three-blade impeller rotates. Two three-blade impellers are set on two parallel shafts. There is always a small gap between the impellers and the casing inner surface and between each impeller. The impellers rotate at a constant speed in opposite directions. A certain amount of gas surrounded by the casing and the impeller is transmitted from the suction side to the discharge side. Two synchronous gears will drive the two impellers, without touching each other. So it can rotate at high-speed without internal lubrication. Roots blower has a simple structure, stable operation, and stable performance. It has a wide range of applications.

RSR Roots Blower
Wastewater Treatment Roots Blower

Energy Saving Method for Wastewater Treatment Roots Blower

Usually, Roots blower in sewage treatment system is driven by the motor to operate at a constant speed. The air volume is adjusted by changing the opening of the valve at the outlet of the blower. In fact, it will waste a lot of volumes. Therefore, If change the constant speed operation of the motor to adjust the speed of the motor according to the required flow, it will save a large amount of electric energy.

Put an online dissolved oxygen meter in the biochemical tank. Set the oxygen content required in the water on the dissolved oxygen meter and send the data of the online dissolved oxygen meter to the PLC. The PLC controls the frequency converter. Then the frequency converter controls the speed of the Roots blower, which has an obvious energy-saving effect.

The practice has proved that it can save 20-40% energy of the roots blower by using the frequency converter to adjust the speed of the roots blower.

Advantages of using Frequency Converter

Improve power factor and reduce reactive power loss;

The inverter control has the automatic energy-saving control function, which can automatically adjust the voltage and frequency according to the load conditions, so that the motor can operate at the highest efficiency;

The inverter has advanced magnetic flux vector control, low frequency output rated torque, and can effectively control Roots blower;

Save energy and reduce operation cost;

Soft start and no large current impact during startup;

Extend the service life of Roots blower.

Shangu RSR Series Wastewater Treatment Roots Blower

RSR Wastewater Treatment Roots Blower
RSR Roots Blower

RSR series Roots blower is an energy-saving blower specially designed by Shandong Mingtian Machinery Group for sewage treatment. The product has the characteristics of low noise, small volume and light weight. We use an advanced CNC machining center to ensure the machining accuracy of the accessories and the stable operation of the roots blowers. If you are looking for roots blower for your project, please contact us for a best solution.

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